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Korg DW-8000 - 61-key Programmable Digital Waveform / Analog 8-voice Synthesizer.
Excellent condition. New Battery, New reload of manufacturing plant programs, All secrets working, Overall appearance is excellent.
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Korg's classic hybrid synthesizer, basically an analog synth but instead of VCOs, the system utilizes 8-bit digital waveform samples, plus it has a fancy digital delay with modulation to finish things off.
Otherwise, it has a beefy Moog-like resonant VCF and VCA, each with a 6-parameter envelope generator, as well as an LFO (4 waveforms) that can be transmitted to Osc, VCF, and delay. Plus, unison mode for stacking 8 voices for 16-oscillator beast monophonic noises.
To top things off, the keyboard version has a fancy basic arpeggiator, which the rack version lacks, with latch function (to liberate hands for realtime tweaking) & can be MIDI sync 'd.
Plenty of details online about this excellent sounding board, which IMO is better than synths 2-3X cost and still a concealed gem till more beginning catching on. There's a lot of sounds that can be made with this synth (powerful & fat low-end sounds, rich strings & pads, leads, sound fx, etc.
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